I have been in full-time ministry as a children’s pastor, music minister, youth pastor’s wife and/or missionary for over 13 years.  Through that time I have seen some of the best and the worst of ministry and lived to tell about it.  I remember going through some of the hardest seasons of my life due to issues in the church.  It almost broke me, but instead, the Father broke my heart for the Body of Christ who He so desperately loves.  I have come to see the church in a new light and with a new love that can only come from the grace and redemption of God.

I desire to help other women in the trenches of ministry who may be facing difficult situations and just need a listening ear and an understanding friend.  If that’s you- if you feel trapped and alone and on the brink of walking away from what God has called you to, please reach out.  We’re in this together, friends.